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A brief description of the major areas inspected


On the exterior of the home the number of layers, condition of the shingles, and an approximate age of the roof will be assessed.

The inspector will check the living areas and all attic areas for signs of past or present roof leakage.


All accessible structural components in the basement and attic will be examined for signs of alteration.

The foundation walls and floor will be inspected for structural deficiencies and signs of movement.


The overall water pressure and drainage of the home will be evaluated.

All accessible water supply pipes, drains, and fixtures will be examined for signs of leakage.

The age and condition of the water heater will be determined.


The furnace or boiler will be checked for proper operation and indications of recent maintenance or service.

Weather permitting, the air conditioning unit will be operated and evaluated.

The age of all HVAC units will be determined.


The amperage and voltage of the electrical system will be determined and assessed.

The electrical panel will be examined for overcrowding, corrosion, and safety hazards.

All accessible outlets will be checked for proper grounding and polarity.


Replacing all windows in a home can be the most expensive system to update.

Windows will be checked for proper operation, damaged glass or framing, broken thermal seal, and efficiency.


  • Residential Inspection

  • Commercial Inspection

  • New Construction Inspection

  • Phase Inspection (Construction in progress)

  • One Year Warranty Inspection

  • Thermal Imaging and Infrared Inspection

Cost for Services 

Residential Inspection Pricing
Up to 1000 Sq.Ft. $350.00
1001-2100 Sq.Ft. $375.00
2101-3100 Sq.Ft. $ 400.00
3101-4000 Sq.Ft. $425.00
4001-5000 Sq.Ft. $475.00
5001-6000 Sq.Ft. $550.00
6001-7000 Sq.Ft. $650.00
7001 Sq.Ft. and Larger
Call 346-499-2200

New Construction/Phase Pricing
Pre-Pour Inspection- $175- $300
Frame up/Pre-Drywall- $200-$450
Final- $350-$650
*Blue tape/Punch Inspections- Call for pricing
Condo Pricing 
Up to 1000 Sq.Ft. $300.00
1001-2100 Sq.Ft. $325.00
2101-3100 Sq.Ft. $350.00
3101-4100 Sq.Ft. $370.00

Commercial Inspection Pricing
Call 346-499-2200

Pools/Spa Inspection
$150.00- $200.00


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